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Thick Glasses—to be Cool or not

When mentioned the thick glasses, most people think that wearing them seems to be nerdy. Many people even refuse to wear them. In fact, you're kind of cool in your own nerdy way. Have you ever remembered the annual Met Costume Institute gala last spring? Have you ever remembered that Justin Timberlake showed up on the red carpet with a pair of black thick glasses? Nobody has ever thought that he created eye catching.

Still, some celebrities like to wear different eyeglasses to show their personality. And Justin Timberlake isn't the first guy to profit from the dark-rimmed spectacles. The distinctive thick glasses can add bookish good looks to the eye wearers. Some characters in the film often wear this kind of glasses. These people are always simple and honest, which leave a deep impression on the audience. By contrast, some fashionable people would like to choose them to make themselves out. In recent years, they also gain popularity among the common people.

Thick glasses are suitable for a certain group of people, who have a big nose, a brooding forehead, thick hair. Just be sure to stick with square frames—round or rectangular are much more difficult to pull off. If, on the other hand, you have a double chin or a fragile nose, you are also suggested to consider about the thick glasses. It is mainly because that they can cover up something imperfect and create facial beauty.

Both male and female friends can wear thick glasses. It is worthy of being mentioned that office ladies with these glasses may look more smart. Wearing thick glasses can be cool as well. People with strong personality can easily get them to be different.

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